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Ayurveda is a boon to people who believe in staying fit and healthy by natural means. Originated in 5000 BCE, Ayurveda has been changing the lives of people by relieving them from unnecessary stress and several critical diseases as well. The benefits of Ayurveda cannot be summarized into words, only a person can feel its magic in his/her body. Believing in the power of Ayurveda, Satmyam Ayurvedic Center has introduced professional Ayurvedic Treatments which are performed by certified and experienced Ayurvedic doctors. These treatments include Panchakarma Therapy, Abhyangam Treatment, Udwarthanam Treatment, Elakizhi Treatment, Shirodhara Treatment, and Njavarakizhi Treatment. They provide 100% relief to the people from health problems like several injuries, arthritis, anxiety, backaches, etc. Besides, we are also one of the prominent Suppliers of Medicated Oil, Ayurvedic Churnas, Gulika Tablets, Ayurvedic Kashayam, and Ayurvedic Arishtams.


Kedha Hair Oil

Kedha, Keshadhayini hair oil. Good for Hair fall, Natural hair colour And gives cooling effect.
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Science of yoga and ayurveda is subtler than the science of medicine, because science of medicine is often victim of statistical manipulation.

Amit Ray